Monday, 22 April 2013

Gulmarg, Kashmir Ski & Snowboard Season 2013!

Powder doesn't get much more perfect than this.......

Well what a great season in Gulmarg. A very stable snow pack this year meant few avalanche incidents across the whole skiing population, We are proud that Sunstone continues it's 100% safe client record with regards NO fatalities, NO burials and NO injuries to our clients :-)

The usual big snow - ka ching!

Jules gets the weather we'd hoped for topped off with the freshest, deepest Himalayan Pow Pow!

Patty's turn on Monkey Hill...getting a face full.

The start of the season in January saw a massive 150cm dump that crushed some of the faceting and deep hoar frost that is often evident in the January snow pack getting ready for a mid Jan arrival. We skied untracked powder for 14 days with very little people around, before the February enslaught. And when Feb did arrive we scored another 150cms which saw some neck deep, snorkel enabled powder riding which was simply off the hook.

Again groups were very enthusiastic to take on Sunstone's 2 hour avalanche re-fresher/training and always keen to attend Bryan Newman (Gulmarg Ski Patrol Manager / Avalanche Forecaster) weekly Avalanche Night. Always a very informative meeting in which we receive an up-to-date conditions summary from the horse's mouth!

Loose Douche Crew got some.

The Perrys - father & son kiwi team earning their turns.

The Loose Douche Crew getting some!

We had subsequent snow falls right into March and some great touring out to Lenmarg!

The Swedes - Mans & Jeni hiking up Apherwat to access down the Pir Panjal Range to Lenmarg.

and BINGO....

Will charges off a cliff into deep deep powder...hell yeahs!

A powder 'run' in Gulmarg.....with Douche getting some cruisy air!

The Kiwi Docs heading on up!

Alex gets it on the way down to Baba Reshi Temple.

Jules the wrong way up on a Baba's session.

It was a great season - awesome Guys & Gals, smooth logistics and lots of powder smiles!

Marieke heads back to the Gondola!

Thanks for the gear Macpac...the Luggernaut 90L travel bag is the ultimate to lug around (see what I did there) and act as base camp bag:-)

For your smooth ride to Hakuba (Japan), Gulmarg (Kashmir) or Southern Alps (NZ) in 2013/14 contact Paul on:

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