Monday, 25 February 2013

Hakuba, Japan in January

So how was it!?

Again Japan surprises with the reasonable prices for it's awesome powder, immaculate food and deluxe onsens capped off with efficient, friendly's certainly polar opposites from India....more like Switzerland but cheaper!

And let's just check out a little bit of that quality......

A pint is $7.50NZD so always a good place to start if you're comparing international destinations!

I guess with any mountain town you get international influence - probably one of my favourite characteristics (being a people person) that catches me every time about the ski lifestyle.

Bumping into familiar faces, having great varied nights out with differing food & atmospheres; custom - mountain towns and Hakuba do this well - right I feel like Mexican tonight!

Here's the crew at the 'Sumo Tei' a traditional restaurant run by an ex-Sumo Wrestler specialising in 'Nabe' which you cook up and share. This was Jason's last night and great fun!

Mon Pidgeon is a favourite too - having fed my pizza addiction worldwide this place delivers. Kitschy atmos with cats & dogs playing about - pizza for brunch after 3 days of powder skiing was a well earnt....erm hit!

Pretty good coffee too and lots of great baked goods...oh yeah.

Again the snow monkey tour is just fascinating...

So more snow I really have to go ski powder again? Oh ok....hit me up!

Next stop Gulmarg, Kashmir for more hilarity and catching up with new faces and old mates....

We like to ski pow pow:


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